Asnaby PAINTING                             



In the years 1990-2000, the question was asked - is there a contemporary Jewish art? There was no answer.

I consider myself a Jewish painter, not only because I am Jewish, but because of the subjects I deal with,  may directly be related to biblical History, and the effects of the prediction to western contemporary times and neglect education.

I have chosen from the beginning to deal with the question: Is there a meaning to history, is there a direction? Israel nation have dealt with Greeks, Romans, Christians, those have left their marks on Jew’s destiny. Let's call it "modern » history.

Before, long before, other historical periods and facts have involved Chaldeans, Egyptians, Assyrians, Babylon…! Kings, Prophets. Lithic signs, scrolls, books…

Although a minus sign precedes the dating of these ancient and generative periods, none of the facts that occur then are erased, yet, forgotten nowadays.

Their effects on the events of history.

In the end, like the painters who take out their easel and find an ideal point of view, I paint what surrounds me and I recognize the antic prophecies.


       I am painting times to come as a phantasm.